• Google and Bing stress the importance of lastmod in XML sitemaps
    XML sitemaps are essential for every site’s SEO strategy and are a big part of our core Yoast SEO product. Both Google and Bing have recently renewed emphasis on properly using the lastmod (last modified) tag in XML sitemaps. The leading search engines now advise site owners to use this... Read more »
  • The Google Leak: insights and implications for SEO best practices
    In the SEO universe, paradigm shifting insights can suddenly appear out of nowhere, like a decloaking warbird a little too close to the neutral zone, catching even the most seasoned captains by surprise. The recent Google API leak has sent such a shockwave through the SEO quadrant, igniting intense discussions... Read more »
  • Optimize for rich results with the Rich Results Testing Tool
    Google has many interesting free tools, but two important ones for helping you improve your site are Search Console and the Rich Results Testing Tool. Search Console helps you get a general feel for how your site is doing in the SERPs, plus keep an eye on any errors to... Read more »
  • AI Overviews by Google and how Yoast SEO helps you prepare
    As Google rolls out its new AI Overviews, SEO professionals and website owners must adapt to these changes to maintain and improve their search rankings. Google’s AI Overview, powered by the advanced Gemini model, integrates generative AI into the SERP. It provides users with summarized answers to complex queries at... Read more »
  • Shopify SEO: the ultimate guide
    Ready to reach for the stars with your Shopify online store? This Shopify SEO ultimate guide will tell you what you need to do to get there. The post Shopify SEO: the ultimate guide appeared first on Yoast.... Read more »
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