• How to create eye-catching social images for your content
    The web, and our online habits with it, are never at a standstill. One result of our fast-paced online behavior is that we scroll through our social media channels like nobody’s business. Or without having our full attention on it. Most of the time, your social image is the first... Read more »
  • Why you should use a focus keyphrase only once
    Your focus keyphrase is the keyword(s) you want your post or page to rank for. If you’re particularly eager to rank for a specific keyword, you’ll probably be tempted to optimize many articles on your site for that keyphrase. But, that’s not what a focus keyphrase is for! You should... Read more »
  • How to improve your mobile site?
    Here’s the thing: your site should be mobile-friendly. This should be your number one priority. If you want to optimize your mobile site, you have to improve your site’s performance, plus you have to make sure that it offers users an excellent user experience. In this SEO basics article, you’ll... Read more »


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