• 6 questions about redirects for SEO
    A redirect happens when someone asks for a specific page but gets sent to a different page. Often, the site owner deleted the page and set up a redirect to send visitors and search engine crawlers to a relevant page — a much better approach than serving them annoying, user-experience-breaking... Read more »
  • Black Friday & holiday season SEO 2023: 7 tips to start preparing!
    The summer has just ended. Should you already prepare for Black Friday and the holiday season? Yes! They’re the biggest sales of the year, and ranking in Google isn’t something you do overnight. It’s never too early to start. So, if you have an online shop, let’s start working on... Read more »
  • Yoast SEO 21.2: An updated sidebar
    Hot on the heels of our AI release comes Yoast SEO 21.2. Always committed to helping businesses grow and attract more traffic, this new release is packed with enhancements and fixes to improve your experience and site’s SEO. Find out more! What’s new? The update to our sidebar is particularly... Read more »
  • 7 ways to improve product descriptions in your online store
    Nowadays, it seems everyone and their mother have an online store. Platforms such as WooCommerce and Shopify make it easy to start one, so why not? But creating a shop doesn’t equal success. There are many moving parts before you can celebrate sale after sale. One of those is writing... Read more »
  • Structured data with the ultimate guide
    To get search engines to fully understand your site, you need structured data in the form of This guide helps you on your way. The post Structured data with the ultimate guide appeared first on Yoast.... Read more »
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