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  • VideoRemembering Fletcher Prouty (2012)
    [iframe src="" width="90%" height="320" allow="fullscreen"] FROM 2012: Some might know Fletcher Prouty through his involvement with Oliver Stone's JFK. Others may know his book on The Secret Team. Still others might know of his insights into subjects as diverse as the Gary Powers U2 incident, MKULTRA, and the Origins of... Read more »
  • mp3Interview 1837 - Half Way to The 2030 Agenda - #NewWorldNextWeek
     This week on the New World Next Week: the UN globalists meet to discuss their progress toward the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals; the tyrants celebrate ID day with a new push toward the digital ID gulag; and the founder of Foxconn picks a Netflix actress as his Taiwanese presidential... Read more »
  • mp3How To Defeat BlackRock - #SolutionsWatch
    After watching How BlackRock Conquered the World, we know all about the problem: a financial behemoth is flexing its monetary muscle to shape society in its image. So what's the solution? Boycotts? Buycotts? Can we strive for something different, or are we condemned to forever be out of credit at... Read more »
  • mp3Episode 449 - How BlackRock Conquered the World
    What is BlackRock? Where did this financial behemoth come from? How did it gain such incredible power over the world's wealth? And how is it seeking to leverage that power in shaping the course of human civilization? Find out in this in-depth Corbett Report documentary on How BlackRock Conquered the... Read more »
  • The Covid Protesters — Where Are They Now?
    The people who are looking to traumatize and scare you, to keep you compliant and complacent, will never tell you what ended up happening to the COVID resisters. So, allow me to do exactly that. The post The Covid Protesters — Where Are They Now? first appeared on The Corbett... Read more »
  • VideoThe Anarchy of Language (2015)
    No apostrophes? Misplaced commas? Starting a sentence with a conjunction? Whatever shall we do?! Join James in today's Thought for the Day as he ponders the miracle of communication, explores the anarchy of language, and celebrates the beauty of spontaneous order. The post The Anarchy of Language (2015) first appeared... Read more »
  • mp3Interview 1836 - The 9/11 Emergency: From Gladio to Gun Grabbing - #NewWorldNextWeek
     This week on the New World Next Week: the 9/11 legacy continues to reverberate as the national emergency renewal ritual repeats; NATO's false flag shenanigans are part of the latest Gladio trial in Italy; and the New Mexico gun grab psyop can be read in many ways. The post... Read more »
  • mp3Monkeywrenching the New World Order - #SolutionsWatch
    From ULEZ camera sabotage to culture jamming in the supermarkets to QR code tinkering, there are no shortage of wrenches that can be thrown in the gears of the technocratic enslavement grid. So, what methods of monkeywrenching the New World Order will work for your own purposes? Let's put on... Read more »
  • mp3Interview 1835 - COVID-911 Watch Along with James, Broc and Ryan
    [iframe src="" width="90%" height="320" allow="fullscreen"] via Joining me today is James Corbett, founder of The Corbett Report, and video editor extraordinaire Broc West, here for a 9/11 anniversary watch-along and Q&A of their excellent documentary titled: COVID-911: From Homeland Security to Biosecurity. Similar to our watch-along/Q&A of The Secret History of Al... Read more »
  • Remember What Happened Right Before 9/11? It's Happening Again.
    After Uncle Sam's ignominious retreat from the graveyard of empires in 2021, the Taliban infamously regained control of the country and set about reinstituting their campaign to ban the cultivation of opium poppies. And, once again, the results of that ban have been nothing short of remarkable. So, are we... Read more »


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