• How to Point a Domain to WPMU DEV Hosting
    Pointing domains… nameservers… figuring out DNS… it can all feel daunting! Fortunately, WPMU DEV makes it easy, whether you’re working with a domain purchased from us or from another provider. We break it all down in this article. Keep reading to learn how to easily connect your domain to our... Read more »
  • How to Choose the Right Domain Service Provider
    There’s more to choosing a domain provider than just the price of registering domains. Sure, the cost is something to consider; however, many factors come into play. This article shows you what to look for. There are some questions you should consider when picking a domain provider. Like, do they... Read more »
  • How To Finance Your Site With Micro-donations
    Donations are a great way to show support, providing businesses and nonprofits with a monetary contribution to assist in the continued creation of goods or services that they deem important or valuable. It’s pretty much the norm in today’s service industry to have tip jars prominently displayed at counters and... Read more »
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