• DO More With WPMU DEV’s Managed WordPress Hosting Partnered With DigitalOcean
    All hosting companies are not equal, and some are more not equal than others! Here is why we have never kept WPMU DEV’s managed WordPress hosting partnership with DigitalOcean’s cloud infrastructure secret… Not Your Garden Variety Hosting Company… Although WPMU DEV started in a garden shed as a simple plugin... Read more »
  • How to Use SmartCrawl’s Free Custom Schema Type Builder
    Using schema markup is an excellent way to make your website stand out among your SEO competitors. This article explains why schema is essential and how to implement it into your web pages. You can now create unlimited custom schema types – for free! You’ll see how to do this... Read more »
  • It’s A Hit! Client Billing Reaches $500K Volume Processed and Is Now Completely Free 🎉
    Billing your clients with WPMU DEV’s complete white label subscription and invoice solution is hitting goals. So, to celebrate, we have made it… completely free (no credit card required!) for anyone to use, with 0% commission fees for business-level members. “I love the client billing system. In the past I... Read more »
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