Tue. Oct 20th, 2020






  • Optimizing Your WordPress Site Performance with Smush, Hummingbird, and The Hub
    If you manage multiple WordPress sites, logging into each individual site to tweak performance settings can be tedious and time-consuming. The Hub’s Performance tab lets you quickly optimize and manage site performance with Hummingbird and Smush from a single tab. The Hub is a complete WordPress management console that lets... Read more »
  • Celebrating 1000 Editions Of The WhiP! + Special Giveaway
    With its hand-picked selection of WordPress news and epic puns, The WhiP has been a welcome arrival in thousands of inboxes for over 6 years. And to celebrate our fav newsletter reaching the big 1K we’re doing an extra-special giveaway. May 14th, 2014. Just your typical Wednesday. All of Me... Read more »
  • Securing Your WordPress Site with Defender and The Hub
    With Defender and The Hub, securing your site and keeping tabs on any volatile issues is as easy as ever – all in one place! Any hackers up to no good, malware, or threatening bots, don’t stand a chance against our combined forces. And eliminating any potential problem can be... Read more »