• The 16-Step Checklist for Securing Your WordPress Site
    We can’t stress enough the importance of having robust site security. When you’re rushing to meet a deadline, properly securing your WordPress site might not be your biggest priority, so we’ve put together a checklist to make sure you don’t miss any of the essentials. In a sea of over... Read more »
  • DDoS Protection Guide – How to Help Protect Your WordPress Site From Attacks
    A DDoS attack on your WordPress site can grind it to a halt and, over time, make it inaccessible to your users. They’re a common attack that wreaks havoc on vulnerable WordPress sites. The good news? DDoS attacks can be prevented if you know how to stop them. As you’ll... Read more »
  • How To Scan Your WordPress Site For Malware
    If your WordPress site is infected with malware, you’re at risk of server crashes, data leaks, and even complete site suspension. Running regular scans is important if you want to tackle any problems before they get out of hand. We’re here to show you how… Whether by clicking a dodgy... Read more »

    Your Website Engineer

  • 500 – Ten Years of Podcasting
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  • 499 – Life Update
    In today's episode I provide an update on what's been happening over the last six weeks.... Read more »
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    In today's episode we talk about the seven reasons that you need an email list on your website.... Read more »
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