The Importance of Being Online

Establishing your Online Presence

More than ever before, it is important that your business, whatever it may be or do, has an online presence that people can easily find.


With people carrying the internet in their pockets every day, right inside their phones, it is practically child’s play for any person on any given day to pick up their phone multiple times a day and search for something online.

This usually involves typing a search term into their phone’s browser with the intention of locating something. This could be

  • information about a topic
  • a provider of a particular service
  • a product that they want to buy
  • any combination of the above.


People make decisions based on the speed of the internet today. And it is usually one of the first things that people find in their search (that satisfies most of their needs) that ends up being the thing, or service, or product that they choose.


And if you have a business, no matter what it is that you do, you need to be online and ready to be found and contacted by any number of the millions of people who search the internet every hour of every day.

The Trap of Social Media


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