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  • VideoVisual Content Types That Fans Love to Share (With Examples)
    If you are looking to get more traction from your social media content, then this post is for you! Nothing is quite as effective for getting shares and retweets as visual content. While I always recommend using a wide variety of content types, using visuals is still my #1 strategy... Read more »
  • 6 Ways to Actually Track Social Media ROI
    Use these 6 metrics to track social media ROI and learn if your spending is actually leading to leads and sales. The post 6 Ways to Actually Track Social Media ROI appeared first on DigitalMarketer.... Read more »
  • What is Social Listening?
    Social listening is one of the best ways to improve customer service, product and content development and more by adding feedback loops to your social media marketing. The post What is Social Listening? appeared first on DigitalMarketer.... Read more »
  • How to Generate Leads Organically on Instagram
    Instagram is where it’s AT these days. Everyone is trying to up-level their business game on Instagram. Problem is, most business owners aren’t sure exactly how to use the platform to get leads – which is kinda’ important! 😉 If this sounds familiar, this post is for you! I recently... Read more »
  • What is Twitter Spaces and How do You Use it?
    Just when you think you’re all caught up on the latest and greatest in social media… Twitter introduces Spaces! Twitter Spaces lets you engage in audio-based conversations with people you follow, people who follow you, and even with perfect strangers.   If this is piquing your interest, this post is... Read more »
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  • Agorism in Japan
    In this week's subscriber newsletter, James is interviewed by Graham Smith of about agorism, revolution and Japan.... Read more »
  • They Know What You Are (Now They’re Haggling Over the Price)
    What on earth? An editorial that starts with an off colour joke? What’s the meaning of this? Find out all about it (and learn more about moral philosophy than you thought you were going to today) in this week’s edition of The Corbett Report Subscriber.... Read more »
  • 5 Ways Biometric Security Can Be Spoofed
    Are you concerned about these biometric ID systems that are popping up around the world right now? Well, you should be, and it’s not just because of their security flaws. Find out more in this week’s edition of The Corbett Report Subscriber.... Read more »
  • New Year Open Thread
    Corbett Report members are invited to use this open thread to discuss any news, information, questions or ideas you have this holiday season.... Read more »
  • The Year Ahead – Part 1: Currency
    In the first installment if this three part series on what to expect in 2021, I will look at the tectonic shifts that are taking place in the global monetary space and consider what these changes portend for the future of the world economy.... Read more »
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